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부스 렌탈 인포메이션

Festival Information


Saturday, October 28th, 2017


Carrollton Asian Plaza
2625 Old Denton Rd., Carrollton, TX 75007


To Support 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic
(Taste of Korea | Korean Culture | K-POP Night)


National Gugak Center, Gwanggaeto Samulnori,
Na-Hoon-E, Crying Nut, G2


Korean Traditional Family Procession,
Bi Bim Bap, Kimchi, Snack Booth, Tae Kwon Do


The Korean Society of Dallas,
Consular Office of the Republic of Korea in Dallas,
National Unification Advisory Council Dallas Chapter,
Dallas Korean Women's Association

Performance Line-Up

초대 가수

Na Hoon E

Crying Nut


Performance Schedule

공연 일정 안내

Korean Drum Dance

Korean Small Drum Dance

Korean Traditional Family Procession

Master Coral

National Gugak Center

Gwanggaeto Samulnori

K-POP Performance Team

Dallas Trio Saxophone

Dallas Women Quartet

Ruby (Ukulele)

K-POP STAR Lee Sung Eun

The Fall of 2017 is almost upon us. I wish your businesses well and for the happiness of your family.

The Dallas Korean Association is hosting a Korean festival on October 28th, at the H Mart Korean Festival special outdoor stage located in Carrollton.

Korean Festival is the place to interact with and enjoy the traditional and modern culture of Korea. This year is especially expected not only to perform special events for supporting Winter Olympic games in PyeongChang 2018, but also to reveal clearly the influence of ‘Hallyu’ spreading all over the world. A K-POP concert will be held at the outdoor stage. This concert will be a very special event, comparable to other regions’ Korean Festivals.

In addition, a variety of programs features the beauty and traditional culture of Korea. Various stage events and performances will be available. A wide range of Korean cuisine and Korean traditional games will be shown at this event.

This event will strengthen inter-generation relations. People from other cultures are welcome to partake in these festivities as well. So, I wish for your strong support and interest in making this a successful event.


Suk Chan Yoo
President, The Korean Society of Dallas